FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

My Property is small but I want to plan and build the various components over time.  Is your service right for me ?

Yes.  We help a wide range of clients from Condo owners, Semi-detached home owners to owners of Large homes and Estates plan their designs and provide them with workable budgets, drawings, resources and ideas for a final built project.

I am just now planning to build my House - Should I consider The Landscape Design So early ?

Yes. For many Municipalities,  homes that are in the planning and permit application stages require certified grading plans. If the grading plans don't match the Landscape Design that you want to start building at the same time as the house construction, you may have to resubmit a new certified grading plan that works with the landscape design you are planning. You can reduce your cost and frustration by submitting a grading plan that takes the planned landscaping into consideration.

I am a Contractor will you work with my clients ?

Yes. We work with all stakeholders producing the drawings, details and take-off information they require for accurate efficient projects. We can be involved as much or as little as needed.

Are you a Landscape  Construction Contractor ?

Uncommon Ground is not a Construction Contractor. We are an independent design consultant that brings building experience and education in Landscape Architectural Technology and Horticulture to develop the best creative and practical design solutions to our clients.

What do you do - exactly ?

A lot of what we do is help people plan, design and develop a workable budget for outdoor projects. We assist with planning Landscape space and structures around their homes and properties. Elements like Curb appeal, Pools, Patios, Outdoor kitchens, gardens and open areas require special consideration when homeowners are trying to maximize their space and minimize maintenance and cost. We also consider planting and architectural details with ideas that work for changing lifestyles. Our consultation covers a wide range of services from simply answering technical or design questions to planning a landscape layout, deck design or making planting suggestions.

We also design landscape components for light and medium commercial properties. From curb appeal to parking and Landscape plans we assist in creative and low maintenance solutions.

How does hiring you help me SAVE money ?

Simply planning a design project saves money by preventing mistakes. We also help choose materials and build processes that can be more efficient, last longer and reduce maintenance cost. Most importantly, we help our clients develop budgets at the design stage with options that keep control of costs during the planning stage.

Does a designer know anything about construction ?

We do. Apart from our early experience in landscape construction, we have been overseeing the construction of many of our projects. We learn a lot from working with contractors and specialized trades and bring those building experiences into the design and planning  stages where it has the most beneficial impact .

What does grading and Conservation have to do with Landscape and Garden design ?

Over the past few years we have experienced intense weather changes that cause flooding and erosion. Planning the landscape design that you want that works with the requirements of Conservation policies and Municipal bylaws can prevent property damage and reduce time in the permit application process.

What is "Green" ?

Green is a catch-all phrase for what is considered sustainable or 'Sustainability'. Sustainable design is the process of considering the environmental impact when designing or planning to create anything. As an example, we can reduce our environmental impact by planning the efficient installation of any component and reduce fuel consumption and emissions by choosing to use materials that either lessens or, does not, impact the environment during their creation or exploitation. You can find out more by visiting the Green Building Council web site http://www.cagbc.org/.

Where can I learn more about Landscape Design ?

Every year Gary teaches a course in Landscape design for home owners and budding Landscape professionals. Email us if you or members of your community are interested in attending a course OR if we can bring one to you.

Where have you done work ?

We have designed an outdoor  patio bar for a condo project in Beijing,  however most of our work has been all over southern Ontario. Ancaster, Aurora, Cambridge, Collingwood, Etobicoke, Kawartha Lakes, Markham, Mississauga, Niagara on The Lake, Oakville, Waterloo,