We asked our Clients: What is important to you ?

The Response:

#1 - Flat Rate Billing with Revisions Included.

#2 - Creative Design Solutions.

#3 - Drawings & Presentation We Can Visualize.

#4 - Provide A Budget for The Designs Presented.

We Deliver !

The process below can be customized to provide the service you need. 


Components of a Design:


Getting the right Information

Producing an efficient design means getting the right information from the beginning.  From the in-depth interview process to property research and site analysis, this part is key. Compromising this can mean costly mistakes.


The Creative Process

The principal designer develops the concept of every design before it goes to Computer Aided Development. The design needs to remain flexible and precise to meet a tight budget. That's why we let our clients change their mind as many times as they want at no extra cost before construction.



Construction Details When you need them

Quoting and Construction agreements are built on precise and clear communication. We develop only the drawings you need when you need them. A detailed working drawing package means fewer questions and more efficiency.


On-Site designer presence

Your time is valuable. Being away from your commitments during the construction process can  . The alternative however, is that minor issues can become major in time. Having the designer of the project visit your installation during key times can relieve construction anxiety.

Our Design Process:

Schedule a one on one meeting with us where we will review in detail the process outlined below. From this meeting we will provide a detailed proposal and project quote that is flexible and customized to your specific needs.

Phase 1-  Design:

This process includes a detailed site inventory and an in-depth interview from which we create a design that reflects all of the desired outdoor elements, structural and otherwise, that are on your wish list. This phase is produced for a fixed rate with no surprises that includes all expenses and design revisions as well as a preliminary budget for the entire project. The design drawings are then presented in person where we review the project in detail with the budget so that you understand the design and the potential costs at the same time. (3-Dimension drawings are also offered at this stage as an option.)

Phase 2 -  Construction Details:

Detailed construction (working)drawings are useful either for your first phase of construction or the entire project. These drawings are necessary for bidding contractors to produce detailed quotes and provide detailed construction instructions of the project in minute detail.

Phase 3 -Design Control:

As an optional service to clients, many prefer the designer to be available to oversee some (or all) aspects of the construction of the project either to assist with customized designs, project changes or to manage permit applications and administration with Municipal or Conservation Authorities.